Weenie’s Hotdog Stand

Walking down the streets of downtown Toronto, I am sure many of you have stopped for ‘street meat.’ Well, walking in Hamilton you can now find ‘street meat’ like you have never had before. ‘Weenies’ is an escalated hotdog stand that has just opened up recently at 140 Locke St South. The owner was initially looking to open on either Locke St or James St N—personally I wish he had a stand on both.

I was instantly charmed by the bright yellow umbrella, the red-headed grill-man in the green bow tie and his adorable wife in the hotdog costume playing and singing ‘the weenie song.’ It probably helped that there was a crowd clapping and singing along while excitedly ordering hotdogs. The crowd included Meg and Linds who run the Sweet Ice Snow Cones stand—fellow food stand owners support each other. I was smitten before I had even ordered a dog.

That being said, I can’t get over the menu that they offer at Weenies. Stopping at a vendor in Toronto, I know that they offer veggie dogs—but do they offer marinated tofu served in a pepper? I don’t think so. They also offer the ‘Veggie Weenie’—a micro-brewed tofurkey sausage that is surprisingly juicy and flavourful. For the meat eaters, there is a grass-fed jumbo hot dog and three different gourmet sausages. The creativity doesn’t stop at the dogs, their condiments are local and innovative. Their ketchup, relish and mustard comes from Randy’s Hamburgers. Their eggplant topping, an offering I’ve never seen before, is sensationally delicious. I want to put it on everything.

The response to the weenies themselves was always positive. The micro-brewed tofurkey sausage was the best vegetarian hotdog alternative I had ever had—easy. In fact, it may have been the best sausage I had ever had—vegetarian and not. The ‘greenie weenie’—the marinated tofu served in the pepper was praised for being vegan, gluten-free, flavourful and healthy. And the Apple Spice gourmet sausage? Kevin Makins said something along the lines of “makes me feel like I have a lovely garden in my stomach.” You can take that however you choose to—but I think that means he loved it.

So next time you are taking a stroll down Locke St, stop and grab a weenie to take on your walk with you. You get to have a lovely chat with the owner and an affordable and delicious meal in the process. As if Locke St wasn’t charming enough…

140 Locke St South
Hamilton, Ontario

Tues-Sat 11am-5pm (weather permitting)

Check out their facebook page for more details and special extended hours
Or follow them on twitter @healthyweenies

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  1. Great article! Just want to clarify that Weenies is open 11-5 Tuesday to Saturday weather dependent (if it’s rainy like today, come another time when your bun won’t get soggy). It’s going to be fun this weekend at he Locke St. Festival!

  2. Congrats Joel

    Love Aunt

  3. You say that the stand offers a “grass-fed jumbo hot dog.” How exactly is a hot dog fed grass?

  4. Also, you say that “their ketchup and mustard comes from Randy’s Hamburgers” but the photo clearly shows a bottle of Heinz.

  5. Jason, he carries Heinz ketchup for those who want to use a brand they are familiar with but then also offers the Randy’s Hamburgers ketchup. And its grass-fed vs grain fed–grass-fed is a more sustainable practice and is often seen as being healthier for the animal and the person eating it later.

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